What is More Important in Phone Spy: Functions or free Usage?

What is really essential in modern software to spy on mobiles? Its cost? Or, maybe, compatibility with majority of models? The real value of a monitoring program lies in its functions, in what it can actually perform well. If to compare progressive modern spy software (www.hoverwatch.com) with the alternatives available on the market and in the public domain, you will see the difference.


What is the principle of spy program’s functioning?

To work on tapping of information from your cell phone, spy programs change the basic features of the device in order to provide opportunities for continuous covert espionage. To transfer intercepted SMS messages, call history, e-mails to Internet server, a packet protocol of GPRS data is used – a common way to access the mobile Internet on the device. To listen to the calls, a conference call function is used with a fully hidden listener’s call option. To determine the coordinates, the device’s built-in GPS module is used. In the absence of a GPS on the phone, its position is determined by the nearest cell tower.

All functions of the monitoring program are common to telecommunications functions, but with substantial implementations amended by providers. These changes make the mobiles effective tools for wiretapping and spying. And what about other programs-spies? Are they able to do so?

So desirable free piece of pie…

To begin with, let’s consider the very “sweet” opportunities to obtain a spy program – download spy software for mobile phone free of charge. It can be a good option, but…
In the Internet in response to a popular request of “Mobile tracker app”, you can get a lot of offers to download, buy and install monitoring program. Among them, many of the results are about some free applications that are installed exclusively on PC. At the same time, the pictures of advanced features can be shown together with the description of the installation process meaning to support the program’s abilities. But you need to be very careful and look what is included in free versions and what was not described by the distributors of such software – maybe it’s exactly the function you need.
A lot of people are looking for remote control over the other phone. But in order for a spy software to be able to fully carry out all its functions, the significant changes in the core of the phone have to be made. Thus it is better to download the spy program on the other phone in person and configure it for the spy to work correctly. It is impossible to create conditions for the full-functional wiretapping fully remotely, so be careful if some providers promise too much for free.

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Keep in mind that if you are new to such software, you may probably need a support that is rarely provided for free in case of 24/7 option. Choose a reliable provider that will fulfill all your needs!In summary, please note that for monitoring program, you need the target phone to have a powerful operating system that will allow to create conditions for proper operation of the program. If you are the owner of such a device – you are at high risk, so keep that in mind. On the other hand, by providing such phones for your employees or family members, it is possible to secure yourself and your business. The main thing to remember – the spy program must necessarily be placed in memory of smart phone, and, thus, not be a Java application. This solution is an advanced program for complete mobile phone control.

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