How To Update The Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 With Lollipop 5.0.2 Manually

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a popular Android device released by the Korean technology leader, which received both critical acclaim and huge response from buyers.

Originally released in middle of 2012, it was sold over 50 million units and despite the arrival of successors, enjoys a good user base worldwide. It was shipped with Android ICS 4 OS but later got update for Jelly Bean version.

If you are still using the older OS version on your Galaxy S 3, it is possible to update the OS to Android’s newest version, aka Lollipop. While the official OTA update for this device is not available, you can opt for custom ROM based firmware update.

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Nuances of CM12 custom ROM for Galaxy S3 Lollipop update

Samsung has not chosen the Galaxy S 3 as a contender for Lollipop update but that has not deterred third party developers. They have developed a custom ROM for updating the device to Android Lollipop.

The CM12 custom ROM can be used to update your Galaxy S 3 to Android 5.0.2. It has already been tried by several users and they have affirmed it is running safely in their handsets.

What to check before you can update Galaxy S3 to Lollipop using CM12 custom ROM

To ensure you do not face any hiccups during the OS update, a few things need to be checked:

  • The Galaxy S3 should be equipped with TWRP or CWM recovery.
  • Ensure you keep the handset’s USB cable ready.
  • Activate the handset’s USB debugging feature.
  • Do not forget to take back up the data on the phone.
  • If the necessary Samsung USB drivers are not installed in the PC, download and install them.
  • The device should have adequate battery power, at least 80 percent.

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How to install CM12 custom ROM for updating your Galxy S 3 to Lollipop

  • First of all, you will need to download Google Apps and CyanogenMod 12 custom Lollipop ROM for Galaxy S 3. Save these files on the desktop.
  • Then connect the device with your PC by the USB cable. It should be in USB Mass Storage
  • Copy the CyanogenMod 12 custom ROM zip to the phone’s SD Card root folder.
  • Detach the device and switch it off.
  • To get into its Recovery mode, you need to turn it on and hold-press the buttons-Power, Home and Volume Up for some seconds.
  • The Galaxy S3 will get into CWM Recovery mode.
  • Then choose the steps:

Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition followed by Wipe Dalvik Cache. The last option can be found under advanced menu.

  • Now, go to the device’s main recovery menu. Select the steps:
    Install Zip from SD card
    and Choose Zip from SD card. Choose the copied CyanogenMod 12 custom ROM zip in SD card and start flashing.
  • The same process can be done for installing Google Apps.
  • Then opt for “+++++Go Back+++++”and begin system reboot. The rebooting may take some time and after that Lollipop will run on your Galaxy S3.

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Summing it up

Installing the CM12 custom ROM based on Android Lollipop will make your device warranty void. Google and Samsung will not offer any support for devices running on custom ROM. However, there is no other way you can run the latest version of Android on your Galaxy S3.

Additionally, you can get more flexibility for removing blaotware and using a lot of third party apps. To update from Kitkat or Jellybean OS and experience overall performance boost, this update is worth a try.

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