Top 5 Android carpool apps to beat the ‘Odd-Even’ rule in Delhi

As an attempt to save environment from pollution, Delhi Government has taken an attempt i.e. the ‘Odd-Even rule from the first day of 2016. According to the rule, on even dates, only cars with license plates ending with an even number are allowed on city roads and on odd dates, cars with license plates with an odd number are allowed. That means your car is allowed only for four days of the week (including Sunday) and on other days you have to find some other ways for communication. If you are also suffering from this rule, here is your solution; 5 best car pool apps which you can try:

  1. Ola Cabs:

Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs is an Indian company which provides cabs on demand. Through their app you can book 2 kinds of cab: Mini and Sedan. Minimum fare for both categories is Rs.100 for first 4KM. After 4KM, charges for Mini are Rs.8 per KM and Rs.1 per minute of the ride. For Sedan, the charges are Rs.11 per KM and Rs.1 per minute of the ride.

You can download the app from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The website is .

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  1. Uber:


Uber is also a popular app. The app shows the driver’s name, car number and expected time of arrival. Through the app you can book Uber Go, Uber X or Uber XL. The prices for Uber Go are the minimum i.e. Rs.60 + Rs.7 per KM + Rs.1 per minute of ride. You can also choose Uber X and Uber XL which have higher rates. While Go and X allow minimum 4 persons, XL allows 6 persons.

You can download the app from Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The website is .

  1. Orahi:


This is the oldest and the most reliable corporate carpooling app in Delhi. They connect your profile with Facebook (optional) and also sign you up with a corporate email address or make you upload an ID proof as verification. They have upgraded the app to feature odd-even registration number riders and they are also giving free fuel on first rides, provide cashless payments but charge a small amount on each ride.

You can download the app from Android or iOS phone and the website is .

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  1. Pool My Ride:

Pool My Ride


This is also a free app and does a decent job of connecting you to the right car-poolers. You can easily download it from Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The website is .

  1. Jugnoo Autos:

Jugnoo Autos

This app is quite different from the previous apps as it provides, on demand, autos without the fear of getting overcharged. Instead of paying according to meter, Jugnoo charges according to GPS of phone just like Uber and Ola Cabs. The minimum charges are Rs.25 for first 2KM and then Rs.8 per KM. There is no ride time charges but there is extra 1.25x charge for night time from 11PM to 6AM. You can download the app from your Android and iOS phone. The website is .

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Hope these 5 apps can help you to beat the ‘Odd-Even’ rule. Want to add any other app in this list. Feel free to do so in the comments section.

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