Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers

Life of professional blogger is not at all easy. Amidst those endless hours of scouring for new topics, writing the blog and promoting it; managing time away from your desk can be really challenging. But thankfully there are certain online apps that can make life way easier. Today there are various android apps for bloggers that will help you stay in touch with your blog even when you are on a move.

To be honest, these apps are real life saver for me. So, today, I have compiled a list of top 10 android apps for bloggers to share with you. Simply download these apps and make you life a little easier.

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1. WordPress

WordPress, the most used blogging platform has recently launched their android app. If you are the owner of a self-hosted WordPress Blog, then you can perform a whole lot of task using this app. Be it creating new post, editing existing post, uploading pictures and videos from your Android phone, managing your comments or viewing your analytics reports, this app does it all. You can also integrate your blogs with this app. Easy user interface and 100% integration with your blog, makes this app a must have on your android device. You can download it Here.

Wordpress-android apps for bloggers

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2. Blogger

Blogger is another popular blogging platform. So, if you are hosting your blog in Blogger, then the Blogger Android App is a must have for you. Through this app you can create new post, publish them, view the comments, reply to them and also edit existing posts from your android device. You can download this app here.


3. Writer

Being a blogger, it is absolutely necessary to churn out quality posts regularly. But in today’s age of technology, this is not an easy task, provided the number of distractions you are likely to face while working on your smart phone. Here, Writer comes handy. Writer is a word processing app that offers completely distraction free interface for you to work on any new inspiration. The interface is basic and gives you complete peace of mind, so that you can focus all your energy to create an awesome post. Download this awesome app here.


4. Disqus

 Disqus is one of the most popular commenting tools today. You can use this tool to manage your comments, reply back, control spam and engage in discussions. With the Disqus app on your android device, you can approve comments or reply to any question even when away from your desk.


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5. Google Analytics

If you are a blogger, you understand the importance of Analytics pretty well. With the Google Analytics app on your android phone, you’ll be up to date with your analytics report, no matter how far you are from your office. The app has a great look and easy interface. Available on Google Play Store, you can view all your analytics data with this app at a glance. Download this app here.

Google Analytics

6. Photo Editor

Pictures say thousand words. So, if you want to add a bit of fun and colour to your blog, adding pictures is the best way. With the Photo Editor app you can edit your pictures, can add effects, text or other elements to make them more attractive. The app lets you crop and resize your photos right from your smart phone. So, with the help of this app you can simply edit your photos on your android phone and upload them to your blog. Download this app here. Download the app here.

Photo Editor

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7. Tumblr

If the idea of a lengthy blog scares you and you are in micro blogging, then Tumblr is the best option for you. With the Tumblr android app you can create, publish and manage tiny interesting Tumblr blogs from your android device only. The app lets you add pictures, audio and video files in your blogs. You can also view comments and engage in conversation with your viewers through this app. In case you have more than one Tumblr blogs, you can manage all of them through the app. Download the app here.



Well, who does not need a great dictionary on the go? If you are a professional blogger, then the need is quite real. is an android app that will come handy when you are writing and cannot find the just the word. The app lends great support to non-English bloggers. Download this app here.

9. Hootsuit

If you use social media to promote your blog, then Hootsuit android app is a life saver for you. Through this app you can manage all your social media profiles in a much synchronised and time effective manner. One of the major features of Hootsuit is that you can schedule your posts in advance.

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This way you can sit down, take your time, plan and create a regular thread of posts that’ll bring traffic to your blog. You can schedule it all before hand, so even if you are busy afterwards your promotions will not get hampered anyway. Download the app here.


10. Pocket

As a blogger you are always on a look out for new ideas, inspirations, reading materials, basically things to enrich your mind. But not always we have the time to sit down and relish the great new content we come across the web.

PocketHere the Pocket android app comes in handy. You can just save all that you like in this app and go through them when your schedule permits. Download the app here.


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