Sound Recorder Pro – Simple Yet Powerful Audio Recorder for PC

Still looking for the perfect sound-recording software? You should be using Sound Recorder Pro!

It’s simple, without any complicating or irritating functions or navigations.

Install it on your computer and record any sound you desire. The input methods or devices can be the following:

  • Sound card
  • Microphone
  • Apps
  • Television
  • Webcams
  • CD or DVD
  • Even webpages
  • Media players
  • Cassette players

User Interface

1. Sound Recorder Pro UI

Everything associated with the Sound Recorder Pro is simple and easy to use. And so is the interface.

In fact the buttons and controls are set in a way to make recording much easier. It is also easy to output the audio files.

What makes the UI special is that it has a familiar look and feel to it, and the functions are all commonly used ones.


2. Sound Recorder Pro Features

Recording and outputting is effortless and fun with Sound Recorder Pro.

The main features include the following:

High Quality Audio Output – Sound Recorder Pro delivers high quality sound output free from any noise interference or disturbances. Noise reduction too is excellent.

Capture Sound from Multiple Sources  – As already mentioned above in this review, this application allows you to record sound from any device/function/app that has an audio input/output relation to your computer.

3. Record Modes

Record Modes – Sound Recorder Pro has 5 unique record modes. These are:

  • Normal
  • Song from Player (from media player)
  • Voice from Microphone
  • From Line In (think of Portable Player or Turntable)
  • From Internet Stream (think of Skype, Radio or MSN)

Widespread Compatibility – This app is compatible with all the operating systems out there. You’ll not have to worry if you have upgraded to Windows 10 or continue to use Windows 7/8. There is another version that’s designed for Mac.

Multiple Output Formats – Sound Recorder Pro is a simple yet powerful audio recorder. You can get it to output audit files in all the formats that most users commonly use. this includes everything from WMA to MP3 to WV, TT to SPX to anything in between. You’ll not have the worry that a phone or tablet will not be able to play the recorded file.

Other main features of the Sound Recorder Pro are as following:

  • Support for multi-channel recording
  • Real-time encoding
  • Easy wizard mode
  • Tag editor for editing recorded file details
  • Support of multiple sound cards

4. Schedule Recording

  • Schedule recording

5. Audio Parameters

  • Sophisticated audio parameter controls

Real-time encoding is a big feature to the Sound Recorder Pro. So the moment you press the ‘stop’ button, the recorded file will be turned into the desired output file. There’s no need to wait some time for the output file.

More information about the Sound Recorder Pro software and the app itself can be downloaded from the official site.

Download the Sound Recorer here

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