Samsung to Make the CPU for Apple’s Next iPhone

Samsung and TSMC are busy churning out mass numbers of A9 chips. The client is none other than Apple and the device is claimed to be iPhone 6S. Imagine Apple getting its CPU developed by its competitor. It seems to be a normal thing in the smartphone industry in recent times.

Apple was rumoured to stick entirely to Samsung for its new chip. The Korean company has certain advantages over the Taiwanese TSMC in terms of manufacturing technologies, it is claimed that Apple is concerned about the yield.

Samsung CPU for Apple

SAMSUNG Will Make CPU For Apple

Because of the recently found yield issues with Samsung’s manufacturing facilities, Apple will be forced to direct more of its A9 processor demands to TSMC. There is however no estimation regarding the volume of the order. It is also worth considering whether the new device will deliver sales anywhere near the iPhone 6.

According to industry experts, TSMC is likely to receive 40% of the order for manufacturing Apple’s new chip. Barron’s Asia claims that the Taiwanese company may even topple its Korean competitor in this race.

TSMC is also highly likely to receive the order for Apple’s next iPad series. It will include the iPad Pro (12.9-inch), iPad Air 2 (9.7-inch) and the iPad Mini 4 (7.9-inch). Many believe that it will be the exclusive supplier for the 16nm A9X for the next generation iPads.

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But that doesn’t put Samsung out of the game. It will still have a major brand seeking its technological prowess in chip development. It is Qualcomm, which is seeking to collaborate with the Korean company to take advantage of its prices and capacity support.

The iPhone 6S is expected to make it to the market by fall this year. Earlier there were rumours of a “Plus” variant and an iPhone 6C as a complete package release. But reports show that Apple may be planning to stick with its one-phone-per-year concept.

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