Prisma APK Download for Android, IOS (iPhone and iPad) and PC, Laptop

A new App called Prisma is taking over all the other apps with its extremely attractive uniqueness of converting your photo into a painting.

Ever since Prisma is launched even the Instagram filters look dull and non-happening.

Prisma sets a benchmark with its antique filters. And this is the reason why it is highly appreciated and used by the people for editing their pictures on for social media uploads.

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Though there are plenty of filters in the market which manages to attract a large portion of smartphone users but Prisma is way different. It gives your pictures a never seen before look. And you just cannot resist liking it. If you even wanted to get sketched or get a painting from an artist then your quest ends here. Yes! Prisma is one such filter which gives your pics such a look that people won’t recognise if it is just a filter or you got it sketched; unless they themselves used Prisma. It turns your smartphone shots into an elegant art.

Prisma an app from Russian developers is launched for iOS while an android version is yet to come.

The app is super easy to use and convenient. The results of editing are highly impressive.

Prisma APK Download

Prisma APK Download

Prisma App features and filters:

It uses, in general, the filters mentioned below:

1 Modern art filters

2 Stunning photo effects

3 Fast sharing

Prisma gives spectacular results of transforming pictures into artwork using the styles of popular artists: Munk, Picasso etc.

Let’s take a look at –

How can we download Prisma for iOS

1 Open Apple store

2 Seach for app Prisma

3 Open official Prisma Application

4 And get it installed in your phone

How can we download Prisma for Android

1 Download Prisma APK file

2 Go to the settings and open Prisma App

3 install prism APK in your Android

Prisma is not available for windows and other platforms like PC, windows.

The  iMac users can download Prisma App from the Apple Store and use iMac to edit pics.

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