Pedometer++ receives over a million downloads

On Pedometer++ achievithe iPhone 5s’ release. Nevertheless, he decided to test it on thedevice before the launch.

He clarified that he learnt he couldn’t launch an app without having the iPhone 5s released at that time. Even the APIs didn’t work on the Simulator. So he found himself waiting in a long queue at the local Apple Store to get a piece of the iPhone 5s on the day it was launched.

He hurried back to his office with the iPhone to test the recently developed easy-to-use app. The app ran on the handset. He posted the app on to the App Store. After the review process it was live after a week.

Pedometer Fitness App

The extremely easy and highly liked app was launched on the App Store as a fanciful program to interact with the latest hardware. But surprising it became successful from day one. This app was revamped in the form of version 1.1 and the developer has continued to regularly release new updates.

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The app brought a sense of goodwill to the developer, which he had never felt with other apps, he admits. There have been a lot of positives reported by people using this app to shed weight, to heal their wounds or to staying fit. This moved the developer a lot. What he made in his cellar has been useful to people to improve their lives and it is something big for this developer.

With the Apple watch giving out improved health tracking solutions, the Pedometer++ will have more updates in the near future. The developer says this program will be continually improved to fit superbly into the software and hardware of the times to come.

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