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Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of every professional’s life over the course of last 10 years. Today, we heavily rely on technology to do a major part of work for us, and that is why every professional absolutely must have the optimal software when in the office. However, when it comes to working away from the office, that’s when the really effective mobile apps come into play.

One such app that comes to mind is PDF to Word, a mobile converter developed by Cometdocs for improving your work productivity while away from the office. PDF to Word has received praise as one of the fastest and most reliable converter apps you will have the chance of using these days. Why? Because this app has licenced one of the best OCR conversion engines, a top of the line conversion engine, as well as some of the strongest servers on the market. But, that’s not all: PDF to Word has released a major update in May 2016.

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PDF to Word is a free mobile app available on both Android and iOS, and as its name implies, its primary function is converting PDF files into an editable and searchable MS Word format (which is .docx) in order to make it more user friendly and convenient for its users.

Below you can see some of the more notable features you might like if you decide to give PDF to Word a go:


●        Converted files are in .docx format which makes them perfect for further editing

●        Layout of the new file is the same as the original PDF, so that all images, tables, text and accompanying content are kept in line with the original

●        No limits on file size, or the number of files you can convert

●        Outstanding conversion quality on both scanned and natural PDF files

●        Customer secure files – your PDFs are deleted from the conversion server 24h after conversion

Here’s a quick guide on how to use PDF to Word and quickly and conveniently convert your files while you are on the go!

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The first step is to open the PDF you wish to convert. Find its location on your device and click on it. Once you’ve done this, the file will automatically start converting. Afterwords, feel free to close the app and let it do its work. As previously mentioned, PDF to Word converts your files on the server, which means there is no reason to keep the app up and running.

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PDF to Word will show all your active and finished conversions on the main screen.

You close it down to save your battery, and once the conversion is done, the app will send you a notification telling you that conversion has been successful.After the conversion is done, you can select several actions such as Open, Copy, Remove, Rename and Delete from the device, and implement them upon your newly made file.

PDF to Word

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It is important to have in mind that PDF to Word doesn’t offer the service of editing files in the app itself. That is why you must have a document editing app such as MS Word, LibreOffice, Evernote and such.Give PDF to Word a try, and make sure you rate the app on Google Play Store for other people to hear your experiences using this mobile app converter!

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