Motorola Seems to be All Set to Release 3rd Gen Moto X this Summer

The last Moto X version hit the global markets just 6 months ago, and Motorola has already geared up for the release of its successor. The Moto X 3rd-gen is expected to be launched this summer. The announcement about the next generation Moto X was made by the company’s President, Rick Osterloh.

According to gadget experts, Moto X seems to have summer as the chosen releasing time. So this year as well, Motorola Mobility is highly likely to release the new phone in or around August. It is expected that the new version will be moving on from the Snapdragon 810 to a new 815 or 820.

Motorola’s has made a major comeback after being taken over by Lenovo. It has had been successfully releasing a series of handsets and has gained some decent market share, especially in China, India and other Asian markets. Some of the gadget sites have gone on to claim that the 3rd-gen Moto X could be one of the smartest phones currently available.

Better design, display and more power could be main reasons for upgrading to the new handset. The Moto X was first released in 2013, when it received a lukewarm introductory response in the market. But the series has built itself a niche for itself within a span of two years.

Decent specs and affordable pricing are some of the main reasons the handset captured an increasingly larger market segment.

The current-gen Moto X has however received some criticism for its camera and battery life. Despite having a powerful 13-megapixel lens, it has had its issues. Besides, users expect a larger-capacity battery than the 2,300 mAh, non-removal Li-Ion battery.

It will take a few more months before Motorola unveils more information about the new Moto X. Until then Moto fans can keep their fingers crossed.

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