Motorola Moto E First-generation Receiving Lollipop Updates

Until a couple of years back, buying a budget Android handset meant a big compromise for users. The scene changed when Motorola, sprung a surprise in form of its value for money handsets, notably the budget centric Moto E.

The device, targeted at first time Smartphone buyers or those upgrading from feature phones, became an instant hit, more so in developing countries. It offered a perfect mix of required features, decent spec and an alluring price tag.



While Motorola has unveiled its successor with some small enhancements recently- the first generation Moto E is now getting update for Lollipop.

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Shortly after Google unveiling its latest Mobile OS, Android Lollipop- Motorola announced its handsets will receive the OTA update. However, like other manufacturers it decided to roll the update for the flagship Moto X first, followed by Moto G.

The wait for Moto E users has come to an end-with Motorola releasing the update for the budget Android contender.

The update for Moto E has come along with Moto Maxx, a high end device. Motorola also clarified the Moto E handsets sold at retail will receive the OTA updates first. As is the case with other handsets, Moto E users will receive a system notification about the update.


Otherwise, they can check in the phone’s settings for OTA update availability. The new OS is loaded with usability and speed enhancement features. Moto E users will experience a boost in battery life and overall performance of their device after installation of lollipop.

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