How to Make the Password Visible in Your Android Device?

Most people find it difficult to type in passwords in their Android devices because the passwords are hidden with asterisks or dots. Without the ability to view the passwords, you are most likely to enter the wrong characters. Having to enter passwords multiple times can be time-consuming and irritating. At the same time, entering the wrong password multiple times can also lock you out of the feature. However, there is no need to stick with the same old way of entering passwords. There are ways you can make the entered password visible in your Android device.

Here is a method you can use to make the password visible when you enter in most features in your Android smartphone or tablet.

Steps to Make Password Visible When Entering

The following changes will help in affecting the password visibility generally on your Android device. This will affect password entry in most of the apps where passwords are required.

  • Look for the ‘menu’ button on the home screen and tap it open (it is usually on the lower-left side of an Android screen)
  • Choose ‘settings’ and it will open the general Android settings
  • When the Android settings screen opens, look for ‘personal’ section
  • Tap on ‘security’ within ‘personal’
  • The ‘security’ screen will show different types of security-based settings
  • Look for the ‘passwords’ section
  • You will see the option “make passwords visible” under it. Toggle the setting to ‘on’

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This completes the setting. Once this option is toggled on, you will be able to view passwords every time you enter in your Android phone or tablet. This is a general settings change and applies to all apps and sites. You will no longer view dots or asterisks when it’s time to enter a password.

Benefits of Making Password Visible

Even though many of the smartphones and tablets available today have large screens, you will still not be able to see the boxes and characters as large as in desktops and laptops. Besides, it is also difficult to type letters in a small keyboard. Even when dealing with these difficulties, it makes good sense to be able to view the password when entering the character. It will provide you visual feedback so that you can confirm that you have entered the right characters.


This setting is turned-off by default. So you will be able to see only the most recent character when entering the password. In other words, you will have to remember the last character entered to ensure that the correct password is entered. It could be mentally challenging to many users. Thus, it makes all the sense to use the above-mentioned steps to enable password-visibility in your Android device.


Even when you follow these steps to make your password visible, you should be careful with certain aspects. Once you have toggled this option ‘on’, you should avoid entering your password in front of others. You should shield the very action of entering the password in public.

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