LibreOffice v5.0 Launched with Better Interface

The free office application suite LibreOffice has achieved a new landmark by releasing its version 5.0. It works in Windows 10 and is compatible with Microsoft Office documents because of better import filters. It has an improved UI thanks to the enhanced coding.

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Specialties of the New LibreOffice

The office suite was built as an extension to the developed by Sun Microsystems. The Document Foundation supervises the expansion of LibreOffice. The suite is at present available as a default application with many distributions based on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

LibreOffice v5.0

The new version is released specifically keeping in mind the recent launch of Windows 10. It supports basic editing on devices running on Android. The Document Foundation announced that it is now looking to build a version for iOS users too.

According to the creator, the new release has the third generation coding. Codes were generally taken from the OpenOffice suite for programming the earlier versions. Therefore, in the 3.x launches of the suite the company had to work on clearing of codes and refactoring it as a part of improving its function with up to date technologies. Chief attention was on reprogramming the codes in Calc spreadsheet app.

User Interface

There have been several improvements on the interface level in order to have improved looks for the suite. The toolbars have been enhanced to edit documents in much simpler way. Now you do not have to go through the menus in search of functions. There is a preview available for changes in style for users to decide before choosing.

Further, improvements have been made in the export and import filters, which offered no changes in formats, and styles while exporting or importing of documents to or from Microsoft Office suite. For instance, earlier the highlighted text when imported from or exported to Microsoft document would lose the highlighting.

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Viewer App for Android

Together with the LibreOffice for Windows/Mac/Linux, the Document Foundation lately launched a Viewer for Android. In the latest version of the suite, this Viewer app is improved by providing features for basic editing. Now on Android, the latest edition of LibreOffice is the first version to share desktop coding with a mobile device. The editing is not fully featured but as time passes away it will change to a full-featured one.

The creator has verified a version of LibreOffice for iOS and it will tag along. The company has been working for an iOS version of the suite but it is not as easy as on the Android. Therefore, the first launch is made on Android and later there may perhaps be a version for iOS depending on satisfactory results.

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Future Plans for LibreOffice

The Document Foundation is planning for an online version of the office suite in 2015 with full editing abilities added in 2016. Then this would compete against the online apps from Microsoft and Google Docs.

Another version of the suite LibreOffice 5.1 perhaps may be launched in January 2016 as the company said that it is working on it.

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