How the LG G4 Fares against the Samsung Galaxy S6?

How the LG G4 Fares against the Samsung Galaxy S6? The new Samsung Galaxy S6 sets the standard for other smartphones to follow. This is not only because of its technical edge but also because of the brand image that the Korean company has achieved for its flagship device. But there are a few other phones in the market that give the S6 a tough fight. The LG G4 is one such powerful and feature-loaded device. Among other advantages, it has a removable battery, something which Samsung seems to have ‘forgotten’ this time.

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This guide will compare the two most feature-loaded smartphones currently available on the market.

Design & Looks

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a metal chassis and a glass back (something seen for the first time). LG G4 on the other hand, features a plastic frame. There is the option to choose between a plastic/ceramics back and a leather back.

The advantage of the leather back is that it makes the G4 feel great to hold and it also looks incredible. But the more rounded edges to the Galaxy make it look smoother and nowhere near ‘rectangular’ as the LG device.

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CPU & Power

There is an ARM-based chip in both the phones. LG has selected Snapdragon 808 because it provides the right balance between power efficiency and performance. The Galaxy S6 has an Exynos chip, developed by the Korean company. While the G4 chip has 4 x Cortex-A53 cores and 2 x Cortex-A57 cores, the Exynos CPU has two additional Cortex A57 cores. This gives the Samsung’s phone a slight edge in terms of power.


While both the devices deliver a high pixel resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, the difference between the screen size is easily noticeable. The G4 is larger with a 5.5-inchd display, while the S6 features a 5.1-inch screen.


When it comes to comparison of displays, it is easy to ask for a comparison on the dimensions. The LG G4 is a larger device and also weighs more. It is around 17g heavier and also around 3mm thicker. In fact, it is a larger and heavier phone compared to the G3 itself. Usually, the newer generation tends to be lighter and smaller than its previous versions, but LG has followed the opposite approach this time.


Both the flagship series have improved cameras over their respective predecessors. Both have a 16MP primary camera each with similar features. While the S6 has a 5MP secondary camera lens, LG takes it to the next level with an 8MP front-facing lens (Apple still fields an 8MP primary camera).

Memory & Storage

Samsung has pursued the Apple path with regard to both battery replace-ability and storage expansion with its S6. The device has 32GB/64GB/128GB models but the LG G4 has a single 32GB internal storage configuration. But G4 users can add more storage with the microSD card slot. The maximum storage limit is 128GB.

Both the phones have same, 3MB memory.

The G4 is right up there to match all the features in the Galaxy S6. But it comes with almost a $100 lower price tag compared to the other phone. LG has continued to give a tough fight to Samsung, and it continues to do so with its latest device.

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