iSkysoft iMusic – Perfect Software for Finding & Downloading Music from the Web!

Finding your favorite music online and downloading it doesn’t have to be time consuming. Even in this age of advanced technology and high-speed internet, there are still many challenges. There are so many services out there, but downloading and recording online music is still cumbersome. But not any longer with iSkysoft iMusic!

It’s an easy and time-saving way to find, download and manage your musical files.

So what can you do with iSkysoft iMusic?

You can discover your favorite tracks online. You can download them onto your Windows, Mac or other Apple devices.

1. transfer music files

So it’s a music finder, downloader and manager for you. it also has the feature to allow music file transfer between different devices!

User Interface

2. iSkysoft iMusic User INterface

iSkysoft iMusic has an easy-to-navigate, simple UI. It has a tabbed interface with featured in an orderly fashion one after the other. There are sub-sections under the main categories. It’s perfect for both beginners and version to use.

There is a clearly visible ‘download’ button for instantly downloading music.


There is an array of features in iSkysoft iMusic. You can do a lot with these futures:

  • Download music from Spotify and YouTube to your computer, iOS device, iTunes
  • Record music on your system or device
  • Manage your iTunes music
  • Transfer music files to and from iTunes and Apple devices

Find & Download Music Freely – The app has its own built-in music library with popular artists and playlists. This massive collection is accessible for free downloads. Its library has almost all genres.

3. Top Playlists

You can Download files instantly with a single click.

Then you have the option to download music files from over 3,000 websites. This includes the likes of:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Pandora
  • Facebook

4. Download from Sites

It allows downloading both audio and video files with just copy-paste of the URL.

Record Songs/Playlists

5. Record

iSkysoft iMusic also allows recording songs and playlists. This is a smart program that will discover and add song details such as title, artist, genre and year. Record voice, online radio or YouTube music recordings.

The quality of downloads and recordings are high without any noise, especially when you put any audio recorder in front of it.

You can also transfer music files, playlists, TV shows, iTunes You, and podcasts between your iTunes library and iOS devices.

6. Rebuild Feature

There is also a backup and rebuild feature. So if you lose your iTunes library, there’s no need to worry. It can also fix the library.

Most importantly, iSkysoft iMusic allows DRM removal. Besides, there are a host of other features include burning CD and music conversion to name a few.

iSkysoft iMusic provides technical support and Twitter support. Technical support is available through this online form

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