How to Install apk Files on Android Phone?

The best thing about having an Android device is that you can customize it to any level. If you are up for the game, the platform allows you to turn your mobile device into a powerful and feature-rich phone with unlimited capabilities. But in order to do so, you will have to look for third-party applications.  And this is possible only if you install APK.

It takes a few steps in order to be able to install APK files. This how-to guide provides you 2 different ways to go about installing APK files in your Android phone or tablet.

Enabling Unknown Sources

If you want to install APK files in your Android phone, you will have to enable this feature. If you do not enable Unknown Sources, APK files cannot be installed directly. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open Settings
  • Open Security
  • Look for Unknown Sources and check the box against it
  • Tap OK when a box appears and asks you to confirm it

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How to Install Apps from Google Play?

Follow these steps to install APK files from Google Play store:

  • Copy the APK file into your phone’s memory card
  • Download the Apps Installer app from Google Play and install it
  • The Apps Installer will automatically show the APK files saved on the card
  • Now you can install the APK files by clicking on them

How to Install Using Android SDK?

You can also install APK files without having to use Google Play. It may look a little more complicated, but if you follow the steps from here it will not be as complex as you expect it to be.

Follow these steps when using this method:

  • Download the Android SKD files and Android USB drivers
  • Install the SDK programs

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It will be required to modify Android settings to enable installation from other sources. Follow these steps for this purpose:

  • Select Settings
  • Open SD Card
  • Open Phone Storage
  • Check the box against “Disable Use for USB Storage”
  • Then open the command prompt
  • Enter “adb install <a>/<b>.apk”

<a> is a variable where you should enter the path to the APK file. <b> should mention the file’s name. This will complete the process.

Benefits of Installing APK Files

There are many advantages of installing .apk files. Whenever new apps are released, you can get them even before they make their way on the Play Store. You can also access apps which are now available in your region. Another advantage is that you are able to access latest Google update without concern for the carriers. There will be no longer any need to wait for the OTA update.

When you install the apk file, you have much more freedom. You will be able to access all the latest features and updates without depending on your carrier. Typically, releasing updates is carrier and device dependant. So follow these steps to install apk files while ensuring that you choose the files from a trusted source.

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