Free Download Bomb Squad Mod Game For Android

Bomb Squad

Multiplayer Game



Free download Bomb Squad mod apk. The download link is given bellow.

About Bomb Squad:-

Bomb Squad is one of the favorite multiplayer game. Bomb Squad can be played both online or offline. you can play Bomb Squad with computer in single player mode the maximum number of player in this mode is fore and minimum number of player is one. There are two teams in teams mode. The maximum number of player is 8 and minimum number of player is 2.

Name of the maps:-

Rookie Onslaught, Rookie Football, Pro Onslaught, Pro Football, Pro Runaround, Uber Onslught, Uber Football, Uber Runaround, The Last Stand.

Name of the practice map’s:-

Easter Egg Hunt, Pro Easter Egg Hunt, Infinite Onslaught, Infinite Runaround, Ninja Fight, Pro Ninja Fight, Meteor Shower, Target Practice, Pro Target Practice, Guess The Bomb, Epic Guess The Bomb, Brain Freeze, Epic Brain Freeze, Infection.

Name’s of playlist for team play:-

Default Teams Playlist (23 map’s in this playlist)

Just Capture The Flag ( three map’s )

Just Sports (only 2 map’s)

(And there is also option for customize playlist but is option is only unlock with pro pack)

To see how to download mod manager see bellow link:

Click Hear To Download Bomb Squad Game With Unlock All Character , Practice map’s.

Click Hear To Download Normal Bomb Squad

Images Of Game:-

1: Home screen of Bomb Squad.

2: All character unlock

3: Playlist



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