Facebook Releases a New Standalone Messenger App

Facebook recently released its Facebook Messenger app, a new app different from its exiting Facebook Chat feature on its main site. This new app will be available as a standalone app on its site messenger.com.

It may be confusing for most Facebook users to identify how Facebook Messenger stands out the chat feature they have already been using. The new app provides a standalone browser experience and is different from the social site. It will allow you to chat with your Facebook friends without getting distractions from unconnected notifications and news feed.

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The new app will be accessible through Messenger.com. It will provide you with a desktop messaging experience. This new development can be seen as an effort to offer Messenger with an entirely different environment from the social site.

New Standalone Messenger App

New Standalone Messenger App

It is expected that Facebook could be redirecting its users to the new page (messenger.com) in the future whenever they accessed Facebook Chat. Last year Facebook pushed its Facebook Messenger onto its users requiring them to download it to continue using its messaging platform on mobile devices.

The mobile app for Facebook doesn’t have any messaging feature. Facebook has shifted all such features to the Facebook Messenger app. But Facebook.com will continue to have its Facebook Chat feature for the time being.

Currently, the main website (Facebook.com) seems to be providing all the solutions, including messaging, in the same place. On the other hand, mobile users can chat using the Messenger app from their devices. It is expected that the differences in terms of features between the two platforms will be covered by in the near future.

Earlier, Facebook had launched the Messenger app in 2012 for Windows and then for Firefox, but had shut down the program. It is hoped that the social giant will be continue with the new app and integrate all the scattered platforms to eliminate all the confusion for its users.

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