Facebook Apps Receive Graph API 2.0 Update

Facebook Apps Receive Graph API 2.0 Update. Facebook had earlier asked developers to update their apps before getting them automatically updated till the end of April to use the new login and Graph API the company had introduced the previous year. Before the automatic updating the developers had time to change the apps to the 2nd version of Graph API.

According to a Facebook spokesperson the company started the upgrading process on the last day of April. Graph API was launched last year in April. Its main features included a faster review method and a new login. It has been well received by the developer community.

Facebook Graph API

With the new version of the Graph API developers could construct and promote their apps. They could also generate revenue from their apps. The new login gives allows users to manage the information shared.

The new API and Facebook login were available to the developers by April on which the company said it would switch all its apps to version 2.0 of its Graph API. Many developers had moved their apps to the latest version.

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The company has already upgraded all the apps to the latest version of Graph API and new login. It has also removed permissions not approved through the login review. It will take several weeks for the upgrade to take place.

As per Facebook it would default all the calls of non-specified versions to Graph API as version 2.0.

For a non updated app developers can choose to update their code to use the 2nd version of Graph API at any time.

According to industry experts it is better to upgrade the apps by these processes which provide control when users begin to see changes in apps. The new update is expected to take overall user experience to the next level.

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