Download the best android weather app from top 5

If you are planning to book dinner in an open air restaurant, an untimely rain can be a real spoil sport. Thus, it is good idea to check the weather beforehand.

And today you don’t even need to tune in to the weather news for that, the numerous weather apps available in your Android device can do that for you.

But to get the accurate weather results in a easy to understand way, it is important that you choose the best android weather app.


So here is a list of top 5 weather apps to choose from:


One of the oldest weather apps, 1Weather is also considered to be the best android weather app by many. The app offers daily and hourly weather forecast along with many additional information.

Available in more than 25 different languages, 1Weather is extremely well developed and have an easy user interface.

The app has complete daydream support, DashClock support and Android Wear support. You can download the free version from PlayStore.

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The Weather Channel

If you want a complete information including forecast, alerts, radar and more, then the Weather Channel is the best app you can go for.

Though the presently included feature Points is a bit annoying, you can conveniently turn it off by going to the settings option.

This app is available for free and can be downloaded from PlayStore.

Eye in the Sky Weather

Though a new app, it has already caught the fascination of Android users worldwide. With pretty good weather prediction with a never before simplicity, the app comes equipped with a DashClock extension.

You can download free version here from the PlayStore.

There is a paid version available too that comes at a cost of $2. 06. The paid version works the same way as the free only, but removes all the annoying advertisements that the free one features.

Weather Bug

One of the very first full featured apps, Weather Bugs offers you weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, widgets, and even live weather and traffic camera reports for completely free of cost.

The free app can be downloaded from PlayStore.

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Again a free app, Accuweather gives you all the information like extended forecasts and hourly forecasts in a quite easy to understand manner.

The holo dark and holo light widgets may clash with your themes sometimes. Download it from here.

So, these 5 are the top weather apps available in the market today. So, now you can easily choose the best android weather app among these without any confusion.

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