How Can You Configure Your Android Device’s Automatic Update Settings?

When you install an Android apps on your device, it is automatically set to update itself. This also means that any changes in permissions made during an update will take place automatically without you knowing about it. This is why it is important that you review all updates and the changes that take place with them before allowing the updates to take place. You should configure the automatic update settings so that you have control over what happens with your Android smartphone or tablet.

General Android Auto Update Configuration

Here you will find the general and version based steps to go about configuring your auto update settings.

General Update Configuration – System & UI Updates

Use the following steps to configure your Android device for automatic download of system and UI updates:

  • Open Settings
  • Open ‘About Phone’
  • Open ‘System Update’
  • Look for and open ‘Menu Key’
  • Open Settings within the Menu Key
  • Tap on ‘Auto-download over Wi-Fi’ based on whether you want to allow automatic update of system and UI files

General Configuration – Android Apps

Follow these steps if you want to configure how your installed apps should be updated on the Android device:

  • Search for the “Google Play” app
  • Open this app
  • Open Menu
  • Open Settings
  • From the ‘General’ section open ‘Auto-update apps’
  • Select the right option from the 3 given options to choose how your apps should be updated: 1) Do not auto-update apps, 2) auto-update apps at any time & 3) Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

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The above-mentioned are general configurations across all Android devices. However, there are variations in how automatic updates are configured between the newer versions v5.0 and the earlier versions.

The following steps will take you through this bifurcation of steps if the above mentioned methods don’t seem to help you.

Auto Update Configuration – Prior to Play Store v5.0

If you have an older version of Play Store on your device, follow these steps to configure auto update settings:

  • Open the Play Store app icon
  • Open the ‘menu button’
  • Open ‘settings’ from the menu
  • Look for the ‘general’ section and the ‘auto-update apps’ section in it
  • Touch this option to choose between “Do not auto-update apps” and “Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply” based on your preferences

Auto Update Configuration – Play Store v5.0

Follow these steps if you want to change the auto update configuration in the Play Store version 5.0.

  • Follow the above-mentioned steps to open “settings” within Play Store
  • Check the ‘general’ section and choose ‘auto-update apps’
  • You will come across 3 options in the ‘auto-update apps’ section: 1) Auto-update apps at any time. Data charges may apply, 2) Do not auto-update apps, & 3) Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only
  • Choose one of the options based on your preferences

This version of Play Store also shows you app permissions. Check the app page bottom and look for “permission details.”

It is recommended for all Android users to configure their auto update settings to ensure that their device works at optimal and efficient levels.

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