BlackBerry Rolls out BBM Update with PayPal

BlackBerry may not have been performing as well as its competitors, but it has still brought some groundbreaking chances across its products line. It is time for a BlackBerry Messenger update, and the Canadian phone maker has released a new update across all the top 3 platforms including its own BB10. Some of the notable features in the new BBM update include The Sticker Club and support for PayPal.

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New BBM Features

Thanks to new support for PayPal, now you can send money easily and safely through BBM. Now you can send cash to all your contacts on BBM using the trusted payment system. User activity doesn’t affect the transactions.

bbm update for paypal

You will have to link your BBM and PayPal accounts for the purpose. But it is a simple task that requires just logging in. According to the company, the update is rolling out gradually across all jurisdictions. So it may take some time for the new features to become available to everyone.

New Features in Waiting

According to BlackBerry, PayPal support is one of the many new features which are in the pipeline. There will be more payment and banking features in the near feature. The best thing is that all these financial features will be supported by the company’s well-recognized security standards.

Sticker Club – New Stickers for Android

Sticker Club is another new feature in the latest BBM update. It allows you to use a large number of new stickers. You can revamp the arrangement of the stickers so that you could easily find the ones you like the most.

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This new feature will be rolling out on Android because iOS and BB10 users already have it. But if you are an Android user, you will get something extra. You can select the font for the conversations and use the pinch to zoom feature.

If you are an iPhone user, you could now attach and send out videos. It is also possible to like, view and comment group photos within BBM Feeds.

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