Amazon android app to improve your BlackBerry experience

In a desperate attempt to get hold of the ever elusive customer base, Blackberry has recently launched the Amazon Android App on all new Blackberry phones. Thanks to this update Blackberry 10 users can now enjoy the various Android Apps in addition to the Blackberry apps on their Blackberry phone.

Amazon Android App for blackberry

While experts are assuming this roll out as an attempt to increase the popularity of once elite Blackberry phones, this update will provide a bunch of great features to the users:

Blackberry Assistant: This is one of the coolest features that this update will be offering. Modelled after Siri and Cortana, this is a virtual secretary who is capable of fetching you information as requested. You can download this from Amazon Android App and install it in your Blackberry mobile.

Blackberry blend: This is one useful tool that’ll help you to synchronise your messages, e-mails and all other forms of mobile communication all on your computer or laptop. Compatible with Mac and PC, this app once installed will make your life effortlessly organised.

Blackberry calendar: Make no mistake here. This is no ordinary calendar. Apart from all other regular functions, the newly added Meeting Mode is quite impressive. Once set this tool will automatically put your phone in the silent mode and when the meeting ends it’ll again put it back on sound mode.

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New improved camera application: With this Amazon Android App update comes this awesome camera application that is capable of automatically recommend the best camera mode and setting to get the best picture quality.

Customize power saving profile: With this tool you can choose passive or active mode for most of your apps. While putting the less used apps on passive mode will save you a lot of energy, it can extend your battery life up to 15%.

Now after hearing all these great applications, you must be wondering whether your Blackberry mobile will get the Amazon Android App update. Here is the list of the handsets on which this update is available:

  • BlackBerry Q 10
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • BlackBerry Z 10
  • BlackBerry Z 3
  • BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983
  • BlackBerry Passport

Although the update is confirmed from BlackBerry authority, it will be rolled out in phases. This means you’ll still have to wait a little to get the Amazon Android App on your BlackBerry depending on the country or region you live.

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How to get this Amazon Android App on new Blackberry Phones?

Once the update in available on your phone you’ll see the notification on your mobile screen. Once you tap on the notification, you can get the update installed by following the instruction on the screen.

Now get the update as soon as possible and let us know your experience with it.

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