AirSync – Best iTunes Sync & AirPlay from Android to PC/Mac

So many music fans find it so difficult to switch their iTunes music and playlists between their Android, PC and Mac devices. That is no longer an issue thanks to the AirSync iTunes Sync & AirPlay app. It allows you to sync your musical files, playlists, images, videos and much more between your Android device and other platforms with utmost ease.

What Does AirSync Do?

There’s no need for any wires to sync your playlists. AirSync offers you wireless syncing for iTunes for your music files, videos (DRM-free), and images with PC/Mac over a WiFi network. It is so popular and widely accepted that this app has been named the iTunes for Android. It has also received recommendations from the world’s leading media including the BBC, NYT, and the WSJ. It has been claimed to be the easiest way to sync your iTunes and AirPlay for Android.

What’s New in Latest Version?

The AirSync v2.4.2 offers number new additions to the app:
• You can now steam videos to Apple TV without the need to enable AirTwist setting.
• Extra AirPlay devices are supported on phones and tablets that run at least Android v4.1 – even WiFi speakers/receivers such as Yamaha RX-V473 and Zeppelin Air.
• Supports syncing with doubleTwist Sync, the overhauled Windows desktop client.
The AirSync app is meant to be used with the doubleTwist Sync desktop app which is freely available. This will allow automatic import of iTunes and syncing of playlists and music from iTunes library.
Compared to doubleTwist’s Music Player, the AirSync is a big upgrade. It unlocks AirTunes/iTunes/AirPlay sync.

Main Features of AirSync

The main features of the latest version of AirSync are as following:
• iTunes Sync for Music Library – You can sync iTunes music to your Android device from your Mac/PC over WiFi. You can also sync and import MP3 downloads/buys automatically from your Android device to your Mac/PC. You can also sync back your iTunes playlists, ratings and playcounts to your desktop after creating or modifying them on your Android device.
MagicPlay Devices
• Sync Video Files (DRM-free) – AirSync allows syncing and wireless import of DRM-free videos and images between your Android phone/tablet and PC.
• Stream to Wireless Speakers – AirSync enables AirPlay on Android streaming to wireless speakers. It also enables MagicPlay streaming. You can also AirPlay between your android device and WiFi speakers/receivers. It also provides support for AirTunes to Airport Express, AirPlay DRM-free video and music to Apple TV, or play videos, images and music to your PS3 or Xbox 360.

The AirSync v2.4.2 version measures just 221k in size. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. It has been developed by doubleTwist. It can be downloaded from the Play Store or the DoubleTwist official website. Users can get support at

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