The best 5 android apps for rooted phones

The best 5 android apps for rooted phones guaranteed to provide you an enhanced Smartphone experience

There are dozens of apps which may not feature on Google play or in your smart phones personal play store. Here is a collection of the best android apps for rooted phones featured in 2015.

Although apps for rooted phones are not commonly exhibited within your phones play store, this doesn’t mean they aren’t good. For the benefit of a lay person, rooted apps are those which one can be downloaded by removing the restrictions placed on a phone’s root operating system by its manufacturer. While thousands of rooted phone apps feature regularly on  internet, there are only  few which stand out as the best for their awesome features.

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  1. Adaway

In today’s world of digital marketing, the most rewarding means of marketing is through apps partnered with Google. This can be a menace at times especially when you’re in a hurry to acquire information but have to put up with pop ups on your android.

Imagine using YouTube or chrome without ads. That’s what Adaway does for you; it simply delivers the ad to a nonexistent location. The result an awesome ad free experience.

Android apps for Rooted phone

Main features:

  • choice of source for listed host files
  • redirection list allows you to define IP pairs and host names

Away can be downloaded as an APK file through its affiliated app downloader F-droid. As a free rooted app, it was removed from Google play store simply because of its ability to block ads which meant huge amounts of revenue for Google. If a tech-giant like Google recognizes an app for its contending abilities then it definitely is worth having.

  1. ROM Toolbox Pro

A great money saver, ROM Toolbox pro is a powerhouse app that is a combination of various performance enhancing apps for your rooted android.

Main features

·         ROM management                                                                                                     ROM Toolbox Pro

·         Build Prop Editor

·         CPU management

·         Startup and memory management

·         Terminal emulator

·         Scripting

·         Titanium backup

When you consider all of the above apps sold separately, you could well imagine the money saved from such an attractive package. Rom toolbox PRO could well be one of the best android apps for rooted phones of 2015. Marketed by Jrummy apps Inc, it cost INR 350 and is easily manageable through a customized user friendly interface.

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  1. Titanium Backup

The best feature about Titanium backup is the fact that you don’t lose your backups when switching devices. Just save your data on a cloud storage platform or your SD card and restore it later.  Titanium saves data without restriction.

Main features

  • Multiple backups for all apps
  • Backups for mms, sms and bookmarks
  • Convert user apps to system apps
  • Fast hypershell speed
  • Dalvik cache cleaner integration into ROM
  • Protection against deletion

Developed by titanium track it’s currently one of the best backup and recovery apps for rooted phones that has withstood stiff competition since its inception in 2010. Though basic features are available for free , the pro version is chargeable @413 INR.

  1. Greenify

One of the most infuriating problems of an android is not knowing which of your dormant apps are running in the background and utilizing precious battery power. Greenify is one of the smartest developments in rooted apps for androids which recognizes and manages applications running in the background. Without removing unused apps, Greenify stops all apps running in the background.

The biggest advantage of using Greenify is to hibernate apps and keep them available for later use. Once the app stops running, there is no further activity available from the app thus saving on batter power. This may sound a very mundane app however when you consider the importance of battery life then it makes sense to have such an app installed on an android.

  1. Root call Blocker Pro

Spam and unwanted service calls as well as text messages can be daunting especially when your number is prone to being shared by a number of tele marketers. A convenient tool for those engaged in business, Root call blocker pro is an efficient tool for rejecting any sort of spam routed to your phone. For business purposes it is among the top choices of best android apps for rooted phones

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Main features

  • Total spam rejection for calls and textRoot call Blocker Pro
  • No phone activity on spam calls
  • Manage notifications
  • Blocking ability for country codes
  • Cloud backups
  • Hidden mode
  • Developed by Fahrbot communication, there is a free downloaded trial version too. Costing 467 INR, the app addresses some vital issues of spam on androids.


Mentioned above are just 5 powerhouse apps for rooted phones that can well address the core issues faced by android users. When requiring a fast paced experience without interference, these are the 5 best apps you should be using to enhanced the performance of your android device.






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