5 Best Battery Saver Apps for your Android device for increasing the battery life

While the android is best operating system is many respect, excessive battery uses remain the biggest problem with is OS. But all the android users do not need to worry about it anymore.

With the widespread use of android came a number of apps that let you save your precious battery life and help you get the ultimate android experience.

battery saver apps for android

So here is a list of 5 best battery saver apps for android:

1. DU Battery Saver PRO

One of the best android paid apps, the DU Battery Saver Pro is no doubt the best battery saver app for android users. With various intelligent modes and pre-set options this app makes sure that you are using as less battery as possible.

With some unique widgets of its own the app is really easy to use and can increase the battery life by up to 70%.

Though there is a free version available for this one, for best results without any annoying advertisements, it is better to go for the Pro version. You can download the app here:

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2.  Juice Defender

One of the most intelligent apps out there, Juice Defender effective curtails the CPU usages and turns the mobile data off whenever your device is ideal. Thus, saving maximum energy.

This app comes with the maximum number of preset options that make the app one of the most loved battery saving apps out there.

Although the free app provides you with pretty much everything that you need, for some advanced feature you might want to purchase the Plus or Ultimate version. So, to get the best out of your battery life download this app here


3. Easy Battery Saver

Although this one works pretty much the same way as DU Battery Saver, it offers an additional notification about the present the status of your battery level on your home page.

Though it does not seem much, but this can go a long way by giving you a clear idea on how much more you can expect out of the battery life.

The awesome user interface, coupled with great performance make this app the best battery saver app for android. You can download the free version of this useful app here:

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4. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the best app probably that can give your device a much needed boost.

The app shows you the accurate battery percentage, features an inbuilt task killer to dismiss any app that consumes extra power and the unique 3 charge cycles that increases battery life and performance.

One of the exclusive features of this app is that it significantly speed up your device.

Equipped with many more features, this app comes totally free of cost and you can download it from Google Play store from here

5. Battery Widget Reborn

Boosting of a number of features, a user friendly interface and some useful widgets, this is one app the android users in love with. One of the USPs of this app is the automatic activation of some power saving options at night when you are sleeping.

Also the Dashclock Extension that let your camera flash to be used as a flash light is quite useful. You can download the awesome app for free here:

Did we miss any other fabulous apps? Are you using any one mentioned here? Do let us know.

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